June 22, 2022


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Varieties of Powder Coating Expertise

Powder coating know-how refers back to the strategy of making use of electrically charged powder particles onto a floor. A powder coating gun is used to electrically cost the powder and propel it to the half you need to powder coat. The fees on the powder are measured in kilovolts. Powder coating weapons on the market at a low value have a pre-selected kilovolt ranking, whereas the costly ones let you select the pre-selected kilovolt ranking.

There are two forms of powder coating applied sciences to think about. They’re:


In corona powder coating know-how, the supply of drive for materials transport is from an electrical discipline created between the half and the charged powder cloud. Coating weapons in corona know-how disassociate air and generate a optimistic and destructive ions stream, imparting a corresponding cost to the powder cloud.

The charged cloud’s and gun electrode’s potentials mix to provide an electrical discipline with the half (reverse pole). Within the gun, charged powder particles search the other pole’s decrease potential (the half).

One other key function is the tactic used to cost the powder particles electrically. A excessive voltage generator is utilized in a corona gun to cost an electrode, making certain a excessive potential distinction between the half and the electrode. The charged electrode dissociates air and produces tons of charged particles which effectively cost the powder cloud and generate a charged discipline relative to the other pole.

What’s the Corona Expertise Greatest Suited to?

  • Components that require comparatively thick coating
  • Making use of powders which have a excessive abrasive diploma
  • A number of customized coats
  • Half geometry that’s not vulnerable to Faraday cage areas
  • Components made of fabric that has larger cost conductivity

The Corona gun makes use of the phrase “100 kV” in reference to the excessive voltage generator rated at 100,000. The generator creates an arc that dissociates air and generates an electron cloud. Compared to the piecework, the electrode of the gun is normally negatively polarized. For nylon powders that require a optimistic cost, the polarities have to be reversed.

Corona powder-coated weapons with low voltage scores (some having as little as 16 kV) increase critical issues in regards to the quantity of charged particles generated at such a low energy ranking.


Materials transport within the tribo powder coating system is set by the velocity at which powder is launched by the powder coating gun when the compressed air causes airflow.

The tribo gun prices the powder solely by means of bodily contact and movement between a floor for receiving and donating electrons and the powder. The velocity at which the powder is launched from the gun determines the transport of the powder.

What’s the Tribo Expertise Greatest Suited to?

  • Components made of fabric that has low cost conductivity
  • Components that require a skinny coating
  • Components vulnerable to faraday cage areas technology
  • Components that want coating uniformity of the very best diploma
  • Making use of powders which have abrasive in a excessive diploma
  • Contact-up functions
  • Components that require the absolute best look
  • Epoxy coating

As we now have seen above, there are two primary forms of powder coating know-how appropriate for various situations. It’s essential to decide on the suitable one to make sure you carry out your powder coating duties quick and effectively.

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